About Us

iRENT Property Management invests in your investment! We are a small business

with dedication to our clients. Not only will we take care of your property but we will

do so in a manner that promotes relationship building and effective communication.


Our services include:


Cleaning and Maintenance

As each property is turned over, a certain amount of cleaning and maintenance is generally

required before keys are handed over to a new tenant. iRENT works with contractors and

individuals who have a proven reputation to turn over real estate in “move-in ready”

condition. We diligently work to give each property owner the most accurate and

reasonable quote to perform necessary work on the property prior to our marketing

efforts. As a home owner, you can rest assure that your investment will look and show

wonderfully without having to do any work on your end.


During Tenancy… Tenants are asked to contact iRENT any time, day or night, with

maintenance requests or concerns. We will respond in the quickest time possible and will

contact the home owner if additional direction or consent is needed. At least once a month

a property manager will drive by your property to make sure everything looks as it should.



In order to reach a prospective resident or tenant, today’s property manager has many

more media avenues to market each property than ever before. Here are a few examples of

how iRENT effectively markets our clients properties:

For Lease Sign: Upon request a professional looking sign is placed at the residence

with our contact information.

Word of Mouth: Our property managers are licensed Realtors with many contacts in

the industry. We are constantly in the real estate scene, networking with many

different people so we can to get the word out about our rental availability.

Social Media: Like us on Facebook! Our rental properties get the spotlight on our

Facebook page and will be posted to the wall for all friends to see.

Internet Searchability: A very professional electronic flyer with pictures and text

will be created immediately to showcase the best features of the particular rental property.

This flyer will be uploaded and showcased on over 20 sites such as Craigslist, Zillow, and


iRENT Website: Each rental property in our portfolio is placed on our website under

the “Find A Rental” tab. The page will display pictures of the property and basic

information about the home. Viewers are encouraged to fill out an application online

and one of our property managers will contact the applicant within 1 hour of receipt

of such submitted application.


Applicant Screening and Set-up

All applicants are asked to fill out an application on-line or can request one sent to them via

postal mail if they do not have Internet access. Once the application is completed and

returned to us, we screen the applicant using industry and legally acceptable measures.

iRENT will make the determination if they are qualified to rent the particular property. If all

goes well, we will notify the property owner and the applicant of the good news.

Set-Up… Tenants are given a tenant packet that includes information needed to switch

utilities, contact information for iRENT, and other items required for a smooth transition into

their new home. A pre-move in inspection is conducted with the tenant and all deposits and

rent payments are collected before keys are turned over.


Financial Transactions

iRENT gets you paid! Rent payments are due at the beginning of each month, by the 5th at

the latest. We quickly turn around payments to our home owners via a trusted and secured

automatic deposit directly into the account they specify. Taking it one step further, Owners

are given their own personal log-in portal where they are able to view monthly statements

and activity that details the home owners account history year to date. This includes any

maintenance performed, rents deposited, and property management fees.


Tenant Transitions

In iRENT history, we can honestly say that we have never had to evict a tenant that we have

placed in a property. We certainly screen all applicants and find qualified renters for each

property. If an eviction must occur, you can rely on us to follow the proper procedures to

get the tenant lawfully removed from the property in a safe and efficient manner.

On the other hand, tenants come and go as time passes and we will follow our procedures

when the time comes to turn over the property. Requiring no work on the home owner’s

end, except for consent in some areas, we will handle pre-move out inspections, deposit

returns, cleaning, and maintenance to get your investment ready for the next resident