Declutter Your Home

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Declutter Your Home

How many times do you open that single drawer in your kitchen only to find that anything you take out is tangled, smashed, or broken?  It is the drawer that holds a variety of small yet frequently used  items that have nothing to do with Kitchen activities.  This past weekend, I went into my “junk” drawer to grab the mail key and found myself literally digging for it.  That was it!   I began walking around the downstairs of my house opening drawers and cabinets to see what was in each one.  Not only did I find items I had been missing but I also saw lots of items that I know we would never use.  This was the moment when I dedicated my day and planned out future days to declutter my home.  Here is my process and what I found to be pretty helpful.

Plan your process

boxesFirst address areas in your home that a) drive you crazy; b) are used more often; and c) correlate with another area needing a good cleaning.

Second, figure out if you are going to need to purchase boxes, plastic drawer dividers, bins, etc.  You will want to run out to purchase these items before you get started so you don’t loose momentum by running to the store mid-way through.

**If your unsure how to organize certain areas, log onto any of the popular house/home websites to get great ideas.

Set a time Limit 

While you are riffling through all your stuff, it is easy to get caught up in finding random forgotten items.  I found myself browsing through old photo albums and college writings.  When I looked at the clock, I had spent 20 min reminiscing and was still surrounded by stuff I

had taken out of the closet!  Give yourself a time limit and set your phone to remind you of when time is running out.

Use the 4 box method

Take a look around your house and find 3 boxes and 1 empty garbage can.  Label each of the 3 boxes as follows:

1. Keep

2. Move

3. Donate

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.06.07 AMThe items in the keep box should be put back in an organized fashion.  The move box will be addressed when your finished with the declutter of that section.  These are items that you want to keep but belong in another area of the home.  The donate box should be placed in your car or garage.  Make sure to rid yourself of the items in this box within a couple days.

The trick to the trash can is to throw the items away only once.  Once you have placed them in the trash, do not remove them!

The night I organized the game closet in my house, my family played Rock Band for the first time in a year.  It sounds silly but there is a rewarding feeling to open those drawers and cabinets after the fact only to see a nice organized area.  Not only that, but you may find yourself using things you had forgot you had.


Sacramento Rain…much needed…but with some side effects!

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Sacramento Rain…much needed…but with some side effects!

Oh finally, the Sacramento region saw rain!  We also saw many of our close friends and clients take advantage of the snow fall in the Sierras.  As I step out to walk my dog through the neighborhood for her daily exercise, I was greeted by frogs, birds, jack rabbits, and…mosquitos!  With all of the standing water and little sunlight to dry up the puddles we are experiencing a slight mosquito invasion.  I don’t know about you, but for some reason if I am standing in a group of people , I can guarantee I will be the one who walks away with mosquito bites.

Most store bought mosquito repellents really smell terrible and tend to linger in the air after you apply them, causing you to ingest the awful aroma.  I went looking online for some natural repellants and ideas for a more enjoyable time out doors.  Here are some of my favorites:

1. When grilling, toss some stalks of rosemary on the BBQ.

2. Use Lavender around the home.  If you like to leave windows open or have a tendency to have doors left open try applying la


vender to ribbon and tack it up around the window and door casing.

3. Citronella.  You can buy citronella candles and torch lights in pretty much any outdoor section of a big box store.  I came across a blog to which they teach you how to make your own citronella candles (

Try some of these yourself and if you have something that you have found to help repel mosquitos, let us know by commenting on our iRENT Facebook page.

iRENT invests in your investment! Call us if you have questions about what your Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Elk Grove, Folsom, home is worth or the possible rental income potential.

Let Your Lifestyle be Your Guide

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Let Your Lifestyle be Your Guide

Whether looking for a vacation rental by owner, a new home, or a resort to enjoy a holiday… look for functionality and style!  Do you need warm and intimate?  Maybe you need spacious living quarters with lots of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Whatever your plans, examine your intent and purpose.  Jot down “must haves” and a few “nice-to-haves” to give you direction to your search.

Look at your lifestyle and your preferences in maintaining your home or rental.  Time is a key factor in your ability to keep a place clean, clutter free, and inviting.  Keep in mind the mother nature factor… weather, pests, and vegetation are all things that will take control of your outdoor living spaces and exterior materials of your home if they are not tended to on a regular basis.  The thought of lots of land and privacy is always enticing but some people quickly realize that much of your free time will be eaten up by the amount of time and effort it requires to maintain all this space.  At the end of the day, your lifestyle should be the guiding factor in your rental, home, or vacation decisions.

Price is always a consideration and lets face it, most of us want VALUE.  Why pay 10x’s more for all your requirements when you could get a deal and have money left over.  If you are not afraid of a little sweat equity then perhaps you can save a little bit of money up front by purchasing a home that needs some work in renovations.  If you are looking for a vacation rental, look to a travel site such as Groupon or Costco travel.  Sometimes you can get your entire trip rolled into a package which ends up saving some money rather than planning it al a carte.

A dwelling speaks volumes about one’s personality!  Cozy comfort casual are fine for some… while others enjoy organizing Feng Shui techniques.  We all know when we enter a space that screams home, opulence, style, eclectic, etc… and yet it is different for each of us.   Don’t allow your needs to be sold to you.  It is your money, your home, and your investment.  Be sure to consult with professionals who will listen to your needs whether you are looking to a realtor, property manager, or travel agent.


Forming Lasting Rental Agreements

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I recently came into conversation with a really great friend and savvy business person.  As we discussed life and business we began talking about property management and the hits and misses of managing investment rental properties.  The conversation began with a story of the property they purchased several years ago.  It is a fabulous condo in a great location to which they poured many long hours of “sweat equity” into renovations of an otherwise simple layout.  They used faux paint techniques, upgraded kitchen cabinetry and hardware, and put down some decorative and functional flooring.  This was their home!  As life goes on, change happens and they were given the opportunity to live elsewhere for personal and occupational reasons.  They packed up and left to another state with the notion that they would rent this condo out in their absence.

This homeowner reached out to friends and family to see who was interested in renting the condo.  A long time friend approached them and soon negotiations were taking place to facilitate this friend-rental agreement.  At this point in time the conversation came to a halt… this is where iRENT knowledge comes into play.  A friend-rental agreement DOES NOT work!  It ruins friendships and sometimes will cause physical damage to the property as well.  The trick to protecting an investment is to treat it like a business transaction.  With all of the financial interests in a piece of real property one should really look at making legally binding agreements any time this interest is significantly affected.

The moral of this story is to run through all of the steps on both the tenant and the owners side.  Here is a simple checklist:

1. Create a valid rental agreement;

2. Perform a background and credit screen;


4. Take pictures of the property before turning over the keys;

5. Verify income and employment;

6. Tenant should perform an inspection and notate unusual items.

Each of the above listed items require a more in depth discussion but it forms a solid basis and an understanding between both tenant and owner.  If all else fails, hire a property management company.  We serve as middle men who will make sure that everyone is on the same page and all relevant laws and statutes are followed accordingly.



Property Management Tip: Disaster Proof Your Home

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Property Management Tip: Disaster Proof Your Home

We have a family condo located in Destin FL and as we read these articles about hurricane Issac, there is a little sense of panic due to uncertainty.  Being that California and Florida are on opposite coasts of our great nation, we have to make decisions as to how we are going to prepare for such a massive storm being that we live so far away.

As I start to do some preliminary research, I came across this article on the FORBES site:

It is a great read and in my opinion, is applicable to any home in any state.  Mother nature and human accidents leave you, your home, and all your belongings susceptible to some destruction.  The best advice is to ensure that your insurance policies are accurate and up-to-date.  This article is an easy read and even includes some photos for an added emphasis.

Photo courtesy of

Independence Day 2012: Proud to be an American Small Business

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Independence Day 2012: Proud to be an American Small Business

It is an unusual year with a very important holiday falling mid week.  How do we get through 2 work days.. celebrate.. and return to work for 2 more days?  It is my assumption that many of the hard working people in our great nation will be using “vacation days” for the 5th and 6th of July.

If you are looking for something to do in the Sacramento area on Wednesday July 4th, I have included a link below to the Sacramento Bee website.  They have created a user friendly calendar of events for this holiday in and around the area.

The iRENT team will be out on the Sacramento River this year!  We are celebrating with Family and Friends and wish you and yours a safe and fun holiday.


Sacramento Area Property Management- Choose iRENT!

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Sacramento Area Property Management- Choose iRENT!

Do you enjoy free time and relaxation after a long work day?  If you said anything other than “no” to this question then please read on…


Each day I wake up and have a couple items on my priority list to accomplish for the work day.  As soon as the clock hits 8:00am my phone starts ringing and my calendar becomes booked with unexpected and diverse tasks.  This is my full-time job, a work day/week that iRENT has set up for me to allow me to have the flexibility to answer phone calls and run out to properties as needed.  A property manager must have a schedule that allows for some impromptu prioritizing and the willingness to let the day work itself out even if it ends at 10:00 pm.

What am I trying to say…? 

Property Management is a full time job!  I believe, that is the main reason why many investors and home owners make the decision to hire a management company.  After a long stressful day at the office, most individuals would like to go home to their families, friends, pets, and hobbies not to spend more hours of the day working on solving an issue or showing a vacant property.  iRENT is a unique company, we realize that time is valuable and work very hard to ensure that our owners and tenants feel like they are getting prompt attention in a friendly and efficient manner.  Our fees are very competitive and many owners have found that we are a one-stop-shop for everything that is real estate.  As licensed real estate brokers and agents, our family of companies will take our investors and future homeowners through the process of buying real estate all the way through to the renovation stages.  That is when iRENT takes over with facilitating the project renovations, marketing the property, and finding good quality tenants while maintaining the life and integrity of the home.

If you are currently one of our owners or tenants,  we Thank You for your support!

If you are on the fence about choosing the right management company for your property, give us a call so we can chat about your property and management needs.

Until next time Blog Land— Have a wonderful end of May!!

Only YOU Can Prevent House Fires

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Hi Blog-land!

With the nature of our business being Real Estate, we tend to look at monster sites/companies

like Zillow® for helpful advice.  I was reading through my “Zillow Buzz” e-mail when I

stumbled upon an article that hit close to home, too close. Please read on for my story…

The Story

One EARLY Monday morning my Husband and I woke up at 4:45am to get him ready for an

important work function in the Bay Area.  I walked downstairs into the kitchen and smelled

something strange, burnt, and eerie.  My 12 year old cat started to act funny as well with her

posture upright and head pointed towards the kitchen.  Trying to ignore the strange smell I

looked to my 300 gallon in-wall saltwater fish tank and saw my nocturnal shark swimming

gracefully.  When I went to the front of the tank glass to check this out, the smell got really

strong.  As I opened the large wood doors for access under the tank I saw water

EVERYWHERE!  Getting a little closer I noticed the wall bracing the back of the tank was

blackened (as in charred) and the surge protector controlling 75% of my tank was sparking.

Needless to say my husband had to shut off the breaker and our morning got to be really

long and tedious, to say the least.

What We Learned

Water and electricity do not mix!  We should have paid closer attention to the fact that

condensation from the sump below the tank was accumulating on all electrical cords causing

water to enter the electrical outlet.  See the picture above for a look at the burnt and melted

the plastic outlet panel.  We now have a covered outlet and all cords are either covered or

hanging vertically.

The really scary thing is that we got lucky.  The whole house could have caught on fire while

we were sleeping.  Ignorance is not bliss in this case so I urge you to read this article and

scan your house for hazards.

Zillow Blog: Tips for Fire Safety in Your Home

Prepare your home for Spring-Summer

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Here in the Sacramento area, we have been very fortunate to see rain

over the past couple weeks.  This is much needed precipitation as it will

help to fill our lakes and rivers as well as providing water to all vegetation.

As I begin to fantasize about the upcoming beautiful summer sunny

days I realize that I need to start thinking about “summerizing” my home. 

From entertaining in the backyard to opening windows on a perfect

spring day there are some maintenance items that we should all

consider taking care of a-head-of-time before the seasons change.


Besides the usual A/C filter replacements, I have linked articles

below that will help you to create our spring-summer preparation

checklist.  Check them out!


Source: Fresh Home Interior Design and Architecture

Source: the Nest

How to Clean White Kitchen Tile Grout

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In my opinion, a white tiled counter top can really add to the look of a crisp/clean kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong, granite is a very popular material of choice but bright white kitchens leave room for unlimited decor color choices and easy modifications with changes in seasons. In a perfect world this white counter top would always look amazing with a simple daily wipe down with an all-purpose cleaner and a sponge.  However, this is not the case… daily use and normal wear and tear can leave the once white tile grout looking dark and dingy.

When it is time to clean the grout do not make the same mistake that I did.  I went to the local big box hardware store and purchase a “tile grout marker (white)” for $8.00.  When I got back to the house and began to draw the paint-like liquid across the grout lines I was only able to reach the second tile when the marker tip was absolutely destroyed and the paint stopped flowing out of the marker.   I was able to return this product and resorted to a much cheaper and more effective method.


1 toothbrush

1 spray bottle

1 bottle of Vinegar


Dilute the vinegar with water in the spray bottle; spray a generous amount onto the counter; scrub the grout lines with a toothbrush; wipe clean with an all-purpose cleaner (no bleach).