Property Management Tip: Disaster Proof Your Home

Property Management Tip: Disaster Proof Your Home

We have a family condo located in Destin FL and as we read these articles about hurricane Issac, there is a little sense of panic due to uncertainty.  Being that California and Florida are on opposite coasts of our great nation, we have to make decisions as to how we are going to prepare for such a massive storm being that we live so far away.

As I start to do some preliminary research, I came across this article on the FORBES site:

It is a great read and in my opinion, is applicable to any home in any state.  Mother nature and human accidents leave you, your home, and all your belongings susceptible to some destruction.  The best advice is to ensure that your insurance policies are accurate and up-to-date.  This article is an easy read and even includes some photos for an added emphasis.

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